Day 1 Ocean Viking Showdown

I ran the Fin Addict on Thursday for day 1 of the Ocean Viking Showdown tournament. Lacking any decent reports out in the edge we decided to make the run for the water in the deep out around 1200 fathoms. We got out there and found the 1 degree break and pretty blue water, but no life. We worked the area for 3 hours then made the run in towards the 100 line towards the Lindy. In 400 fathoms I saw about 20 chick birds picking hard so we pulled back to see what was there. We had one bite from a small dolphin there then the birds disappeared. I spent the rest of the day searching around the Lindenkohl Canyon with no success other then a small Mahi and a Bonita. Really tough day of fishing, I had a stating contest with the ocean and the ocean won. Luckily we are still in it as there weren’t many fish caught, so hopefully day 2 will be our day!

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