Stone Harbor Day 2

Saturday we made the run down towards the Olinda where I believed the leading edge of the eddy we had been fishing would be. Sure enough, we get there and there was a weedline with a 1 degree break. Water was blue green and 76 degrees on the inside and blue and 77 on the outside full of thickly scattered weed to the point where it was unfishable.

Our day started watching a few whites get caught around us, but we could not get a bite. Finally our opportunity came when a 300# blue came in and ate my bridge rod. After a quick feed he was on and peeled 2/3 of the spool in seconds. As we were gaining line back the leader popped and we lost him. Huge disappointment. We kept working the area that became a dead zone until finally late in the afternoon we had a white marlin come up for the left teaser then eat the bridge rod. After a quick fight we released that white marlin that was lit up neon blues from the bite to the release.

We kept pounding out the area and had tuna skying out of the water for 15 minutes that just wouldn’t bite. We caught quite a few dolphin and had a white come in on the right teaser that just never ate which ended our day.


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2 responses to “Stone Harbor Day 2

  1. Dude some day I’m gonna fish on your boat. Great story.

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