Outta Hand 7/30

Today I ran the 48 Ocean Yacht, Outta Hand, out of the Canyon Club Marina. We had absolutely perfect weather today, one of the ones you dream of. Smooth seas with a little bit of swell, and a good eddy to fish in our local canyons.
We started with lines in around 6 am when we saw a log floating about 4 miles from the tip of the Spencer. It was hard to believe that there wasn’t a single fish on it! Anyway, we made our way into the tip where we saw our first white that didn’t eat. After pounding out the area we pushed back inshore towards the edge of the 2 degree break in the scattered weed and went 1/4 on white marlin in about 30 minutes.
We worked back to the tip where we picked up a single longfin tuna then had a yellowfin and white marlin at the same time. The yellowfin went right around 50 pounds. It was quiet for a bit mid day until we had a white marlin up that we unfortunately missed. Major bummer but we kept working at it and got hooked into a really nice 70# class yellowfin to round out the day.
Really fun day offshore on the Outta Hand with a boat full of fun crew!


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  1. ron

    thanks for a great trip ricky. hope to fish with you again soon,

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