TLC 7/31

I mated on a 45′ Viking called TLC out of Avalon and again we had flat calm seas which is something I keep reminding myself not to get used to.  We ran to the Wilmington hoping to get in on a first light bigeye bite, but the whales weren’t there, and nothing materialized so we pushed offshore.  We ended up getting a blind bite on the Penn 50W on the right short rigger but it pulled off, as I was reeling it back into the spread the bite was a white that piled back on the blue/white sea witch/ballyhoo combo, but I got a bad feed on the fish and we never got it. Not how I wanted to start the day.

We pushed offshore and got into the edge of the eddy and we pick up two mahi and a 60# yellowfin tuna all on our long rigger naked ballyhoos.  After pounding out the area a little longer with no action we ran offshore to 1000 fathoms where we were told there was a nice weed line with mahi on it.  As we pulled in we had a white marlin come up and check out the baits, but we got covered up with weeds and the white lost his interest…  We found the mahi and broke out the spinning tackle and picked away at a bunch of 6-8 pound dolphin for about a half hour.  Its always fun when you can get into a bunch of mahi on spinning tackle.  As we got back on the troll we were putting lines in the water and our double dredge had a white all over it.  I got a bait to him quick as the Captain pulled the dredge away and we got a clean bait and switch on the white which we released.  Great way to end the day along with the calm ride home.

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