Whackin Tunas

With the daytime chunking craze we set out on an overnight trip on the Low Profile and headed out to the canyons. We got right into the whales as soon as we arrived around 4 pm and right away we were on the tunas! Unfortunately it took some experimentation to figure out how heavy of leader we could get away with, but once we figured it out, it was game on! We had a ton of bites and put plenty of nice yellowfin tuna in the boat. Most of our bites came on free floating lines with butterfish chunks. As soon as the sun hit the horizon, the bite was over.

We setup on the drift for the night targeting makos and swordfish, and early on we got hooked into a 175# hammerhead that we released.

The remainder of the night was calm, quiet, and beautiful with the full moon until around 330am we got hooked into a nice Mako! It started off the fight skying way out of the water and basically doing a backflip, then we settled in for the fight. We didn’t have a gun on board so we ended up sticking it with a flying gaff and tail roping it, but it sure didn’t go smooth! The first flyer went I to the shark and he bent it up as he twisted up and ripped the gaff right out of him. I had to let go of the leader and we were back on for another 15 minutes of battle, then we got it back on the wire and got it into range for the second flyer and after a lot of team effort and wrestling around with gaffs, we got the tail rope on the fish and let him lay. It weighed in at 250 pounds and measured 7’5″.

At first light we got back to chunking where we had the fish in the evening and we got I to a few more nice yellowfin tunas and headed for home with a box full of meat! Awesome trip, and a really fun charter we had!



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