Saturday Fin Addict

Well, we decided to go give the Wilmington a shot searching for bigeyes today. We got there before first light and went 0/3 on white marlin in the first hour (oh boy – here we go). We pounded out the area with about 50 other boats and the eyeballs never bit. Around 10 am we made out way back to the West wall where we hooked up a White, but due to a tangle fiasco that fish pulled off. Chalking up to be one of those days.

After all of this I made the cal to go tilefish and turn things around a bit so we caught some tiles then got back on the troll. The edge of the eddy pushed into the SW corner of the canyon and was pretty blue 77 degrees but full of weed, pretty much unfishable. From there we pushed inside to 50 fathoms where we missed another white marlin and had a yellowfin bite on the rainbow spreader bar that never came tight. We works hard til 4 pm trying to get a hook into something, but nothing panned out unfortunately. The wind has come up out of the South and made the seas a choppy 3-5 for the ride home.

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