White Marlin Mayhem (8/30)

Saturday I ran the 52′ Ocean Yacht “Saltitude” for a day trip of white marlin fishing.  The bite has been on, and unfortunately I could not make it to where I wanted to be on Friday, BUT this trip was a different story.  I ran down towards the 100 fathom line in between the South Poorman’s Canyon and the Washington.  Once we hit 50 fathoms we found a solid temperature break (75-78 degrees) and a weedline. We picked one dolphin off of the weed line, but we pushed off towards the edge to find billfish.

After trolling for about an hour we finally got our first white and started off 1/2. Then we picked up a single and then a triple.  It was ON!!!! We had a great morning going 8/10 then mid day the bite slowed down.  We had single bites here and there which unfortunately were missed, and then around 2 pm the bite turned on again.  Small bonita were on the surface and I marked some small bait balls around 60-80 feet down int he water, we had a ton of bites and a lot of misfortune on hookups.  We ended the day going 9/19 on white marlin.  Fun day full of action!!!



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