Rain and Rain some more

We had a charter on the Low Profile yesterday (Sunday 9/21) for tuna and dolphin so we headed towards the water in the Wilmington.  It was a rough ride out at 18 knots but we got to the East Notch around 6:15 and had lines in.  The weed was so thick all along the east wall that is was nearly unfishable on the troll.  We pushed out to 500 fathoms and lost a wahoo on the run and picked up a nice 60# yellowfin by 830 am.  It was looking like we could scratch together a catch despite the weed situation.  Then the wind got worse and the skies opened up to add to it and we had steady rain all day long.  We picked up and ran but we didn’t get far before we saw sailor gulls wheeling around in a tight flock with skippies all over the surface underneath of them.  We worked this for hours but no bites other then the small tunas themselves.  We spent the last hour of the day hopping from lobster ball to lobster ball trying to scrape together a catch of dolphin on small spinning rods and we managed to get 20 of them.  Luckily there wasn’t really anyone else out there so the pots were undisturbed and each held a few fish.

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