The good and the bad 9/28

Today I captained the 54′ Ocean Yacht, Fin Addict, for a day trip trolling in the canyons. I saw on the sst shot that there was a break in the Baltimore Canyon, and with the lack of reports due to rediculously windy weather that seemed like the best option to me.

We got to the 50 fathom line just inside of the tip of the Baltimore and first line in gets one of the most amazing wahoo bites I had ever seen. The fish are and Skyed out of the water easily over 6 feet high, and it was a nice fish. The reel screamed but after about 10 seconds the hook pulled. Major heartbreaker. We kept working the area and had a blue marlin swing and miss the right long rigger. Not a great start.

We kept working the 50 fathom area since I was marking bait there and we had some life. Then there he is, white Marlin on the right long. Dropped back hooked up and line popped, no clue how. Wow, the day was really getting frustrating. Kept circling where the white was and there is another, but this time we released this white Marlin. Finally, broke the ice.

We spent the majority of the day working the canyon walls and picking lots of Mahi off of the lobster pot balls. There were plenty of them out there today! We ended up snagging another white Marlin and got a quick release. Everyone was pretty happy with the day so we ran inshore to the Hot Dog trying to find a wahoo for the last hour but all we found was one dolphin.

Beautiful day on the water as it got flat calm. The temp break was 69 and green water to 70.5 and blue to 72.3 and blue in the canyon. There were some pilot whales in the corner of the Baltimore Canyon but they were scattered and no tunas caught all day.

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