Quick Window (10/20)

Well, our weather here in the Mid Atlantic over the past 7 weeks has been repetitive, Wind, Wind Wind.  So getting out fishing has been a challenge and we have been pushing our weather windows hoping they will stay open long enough for us to fish.  Today we finally had a shot, so we slipped out on the 27′ Contender “Trade In” for a wreck fishing trip in search of sea bass.  Black Sea Bass season just opened up this past Saturday so we wanted to see what we could find since the ground swell from the hurricane had subsided.  We went to a wreck on the 20 line and got on them quick.  Seas were calm and the water was 65 degrees.  We were getting double header sea bass on every drop for about a half hour, mostly throwbacks, but action was great.  There were even some small bluefish mixed in as well.  Then the wind came up and came on strong.  We set the anchor to try and stay over the structure where the fish were but with the current opposing the wind we were swaying all over the wreck and we could not get anymore bites.  We reset the anchor 4 times, but enough was enough and we packed it up and ran in before it got too rough.

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