10/12-13 Double Nada

10/13 – Blown Out today.  We planned to go sea bass fishing but with the DB Buoy stating 5 feet at 5 seconds we opted not to get beat up.  Tomorrow is definitely another blow out given the 20-30 knot winds in the forecast.  Hoping for a better weekend..

10/12 – So we tried the DE Bay again chunking bunker for striped bass even thought the bite has been slow at best.  The few fish that are being caught though are quality fish close o or larger then the size we need on the line class we are fishing, so we had to keep at it. We got out around 7:30 in the dense fog and set up for the whole incoming tide with 56 degree water temperature.  We started on the west wall of the 60 foot slough but the crabs were relentless chewing up our baits in 5 minutes every time.  We moved out for the remainder of the tide in the Brandywine Range Area but no success there other then a few spiny dogfish. We packed it in around 1 pm and headed back to the dock. I don’t know if the fishing is just slow because we are in between moon phases or if the fish are coming into the DE Bay less and less the past couple years on their migration south, but I sure hope it picks up soon.


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