Tough weather and tough fishing 11/20

We have been spoiled the past few days with phenomenal fishing we were due to be kept in check.  Today we ran back out front looking for a troll/jig bite again and the winds were forecasted to be 20-30 out of the West which we can handle inside the 3 mile line. BUT the wind was SW which came straight up the beach and made for 4-6 foot choppy sea condition.  Luckily it was warmer today then yesterday with temps in the mid forties and sunny.  As we broke the inlet I saw 3 boats turn around and at that moment I slightly questioned my sanity, but away we went!

We ran down the beach and got on the troll by 7:30am.  After an hour of trolling the purple lipped diving plug goes off and Maureen is on her first fish of the day.  We land the nice 22# striper and get back on the troll.  The water clarity was absolutely terrible today with visibility less then a foot, which isn’t good for trolling.  We kept at it and managed to pick up a nice 30# fish on the hot lure from yesterday, a chartreuse Mojo.  It put up an awesome fight and made Mo work for the catch.  It was tough for everyone south of TI Inlet today, but the bite was great around GE to Brigantine today with a wad of fish mauling bunker up there.  Hopefully we get that school over the next few days down our way.




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