On the Stripers Again 11/23

The bite continues… Today we fished out of GE Inlet on the Trade In again with Maureen, Anthony, and Joe.  We got out front of Atlantic City with a 4-5 foot chop and stiff 20 knot SSW wind.  It definitely kept the crowd down which was nice, but we were getting tossed a good bit.  Anyway, we got setup along the 3 mile line where we found the fish on a small ridge yesterday and got trolling in the 50 degree water.  As the sun came up it didn’t take long to the birds to start working just offshore of us about 3.5-4 miles off the beach, taunting us (for those who don’t already know, it is illegal to target striped bass outside of the 3 mile line – federal waters).  Anyway, we pounded it out and eventually the bait and fish came to us.

We picked at a few early then we continued to get a slow and steady pick of stripers weighing from 12-25 pounds all day.  We had steady action which made the whole morning a lot of fun with a double header every now and then.  As usual the chartreuse Mojo got hammered by stripers plenty today and we had a few more bites on the Lipped plugs today then the previous few days.  I wonder if that is because this school of fish is smaller then the ones we have been catching all week.  We ended up catching 13 stripers on the troll keeping our 4 man limit and releasing the rest.  Another great day of fishing.

I am going to be away visiting family from tomorrow through Saturday so I won’t be getting out fishing this week at all, but plan to get right back at it come Sunday.  I hope everyone has a great Holiday week and enjoys Thanksgiving.  I sure am thankful for this amazing fishing this past week.  I certainly will never forget it.  Enjoy your holiday…

P.S. Although I will not be fishing, check back for my latest video I will be posting this week on Catching striped bass on Jigs and topwaters along with some sea bass action.  A tackle talk will soon follow. SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube Channel by CLICKING HERE to keep up with the action or just keep up with my VIDEO PAGE of my website.




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