Deja Vu – Sea Bass!!! (12/21)

Today we ran back out to the deep water sea bass grounds again. It was just Mo and I on her Contender and she had her sights set heavily on a line class record. It ended up being choppier then expected again, and we had the winds out of the NW at a steady 15 knots.  usually this isn’t a big deal, but when it’s later December and you are in a center console, you really want it to be calm, especially for drift fishing. We made it to the spot by 8:45 am and were on the fish immediately! Maureen was catching double headers one after another and the few times I had a minute to drop my rig to the bottom it was the same scenario. Double headers of 3-4 pound sea bass is a lot of fun.

We kept working hard to see if we couldn’t get Mo a bigger fish.  We were limited out fairly easily, minus that one record fish she was waiting for. We switched her to a Lucanis Jig to see if she could get bigger fish with that, and she sure did. Maureen got 2 over 5 pounds, BUT both were just a tad shy of the weight she needed for the record.

By 1:00 we decided to call it quits and start our ride home knowing we had to buck right into the tight 3-4 foot chop. About 40 miles from the inlet, we saw some birds gathered up tight and picking at the surface. I ran over to investigate. As we pulled in there were explosions on the surface and immediately we saw the backs of big bluefins in the 200-300 pound range breaking the surface. Quickly we got a hammered diamond jig down to them and WHAM, I was on, but unfortunately after a screaming run the hook pulled and that was all she wrote. We chased a few different flocks of birds around for an hour, but we couldn’t get anymore bites. Pretty amazing to see and it was a cool way to end the day.

I am hoping to slip out one or two more times here in NJ for sea bass or tog (aka blackfish), but odds are slim given the few days we have left and also the typical inconsistent December weather. If not I’ll be coming back here with reports from the sunny Caribbean with Marlin action. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas!!!!


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