Pack, Repack, and Pack some more

The past few days has been prep and pack nonstop.  We have the majority of the tackle we need here, and trying to prioritize and take everything we need for 4-5 weeks of nonstop fishing along with a few coolers of bait is kick of tricky.  Respelling reels, making a bunch of pin rigs for the dredges, fixing teasers, making teasers, wahoo baits, tuna baits, extra line, rods, more reels, etc etc etc.  It’s a little hectic but it will all be worth it once we are there.  Spencer and I are headed to Trinidad on Wednesday where we will get to the boat and start breaking everything down and building it back up before we leave for Grenada (hopefully by the weekend).  Hopefully we can snag a wahoo or two off of the oil rig moorings on the way to Grenada… Stay tuned for plenty of fishing action/reports.

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