Working out more kinks

Well today was interesting. We spent all morning fixing more stuff and finally got the boat to the point where we can go do a little sea trial/ fish trial for a few hours. Ended up whacking a turtle on the way out and bent the propeller blade. Yikes! My nerves are already rattled enough I hopped under the boat with my mask and saw the blade was bent at the tip. Someone was looking out for me because when I went all are nothing trying to hammer the blade back into place, it actually worked! The vibration was gone and everything felt smooth.

Anyway, from there we started trolling in the 81.5 degree water with winds at 20 and seas a 3-6 foot chop. We worked the edge from 150-600 feet for wahoo and snagged one!!! Finally, spirits are high!
We pushed offshore to find the birds and yellowfin tuna. Finally a flock popped up on radar but by the time we got to them they dissipated. We continued to troll around a bit and had a sail come up and try to eat a joe Shute/ballyhoo combo but never came tight.

Shortly after the generator went down and all I could think was, “Seriously”???!!! We called it a day and fortunately it turned out to be an easy fix and was one of the things I was testing today, so all in all solid trial today.
Back at it tomorrow.


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