Grenada Leg 1 Wrap Up

Well we just got back stateside late last night after our first leg in Grenada.  We met Exile (a 45′ Hatteras Sportfishing Boat) in Trinidad and gave her lots of needed TLC before the move to Grenada.  We had to get creative with some fixes even after the boat move, but we were able to fish everyday from January 13-25.  We started off checking out the edge close to Port Louis and snagged up a wahoo and a couple of sails, but the Green water had moved in, and all of the rain runoff from the island was not helping conditions at all.  We did a lot of exploratory trips and experimented a lot throughout our time there, but the fishing never got red hot like we know Grenada can get.  That said, our worst day billfishing we raised 2 sailfish and our best day we raised 8 billfish getting 6 bites and missed a Grand Slam.  We even got into some great bird play with tunas skying out of the water (100+ pound yellowfins), and managed to get hooks into a few, unfortunately not on the right tackle so we lost them.  Unfortunate tough breaks on this leg, but overall a fun trip, and we met a lot of great people and made plenty of new friends.  We even managed to take 6th place out of 50+ boats in the Budget Marine Spice Island Billfish Tournament.  Congrats to the crew of “Arabian Princess” from Trinidad for taking 1st!  I am looking forward to our second leg in February, and hope to have all the kinks worked out for this round!!!  Here are a few pictures from the trip…

Blue Jump Ilander Dredge Blue Marlin 2

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