The Heartbreaker 4/28

Today started off strong. We have a fun group of guys on the boat for the next three days. We got a telegraphed white Marlin bite on the left long dink bait out of the gate and got Kevin his first white Marlin release. Then we had two good triple headers on Mahi the. Had a double of a sailfish and a wahoo. We snuck the wahoo in the. Went after the sail but pulled the hook about 40 feet away from the release.

We immediately got back on the troll and after about 5 minutes we got a long rigger bite from a blue marlin. Game on for Mikey. The fish went down and offshore. An hour and 10 minutes into the battle the rod broke! Mikey flipped the rod over and started reeling backwards to salvage the fight. The fish didn’t want to come up (probabably due to the whitetip Sharks in the 3-400 pound range hovering above) no matter what we tried. After 4 and a half hours the line finally broke and there was the heartbreaker. We got back on the troll but here wasn’t anything of an afternoon bite.
Back at it again tomorrow!

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