2 plus a bonus 5/3

Last night we were greeted with a stiff 20 knot NE wind and heavily overcast skies. We woke up with a lot of the same except a solid 25 knot ENE wind and overcast which made visibility for spotting fish and birds tough. 

The morning started off smooth. As we were working towards Dolphin Head he got a white Marlin bite on the right teaser but he never switched. We made two more passes and joe got a bite on the left flat and bam, fish on. At the same time we had a white coming in on the left long but the hooked fish leaped right over the approaching whites head and we never got a bite out of it. Gary got a clean release on the first white of the day. 

Soon after we got the lines back in we made our way further down dolphin head and we got another white hooked up. Mark did a solid job on this one and after a great aerial display behind the boat we got the second release of the day. I trolled us down to Columbus but the lack of life and right 5-7 foot chop made be leave to work back to Dolphin Head again. 

We managed to hook into a longbil Spearfish and Mk got a clean release on his first ever spearfish. Really awesome fish. I worked the area hard after seeing all of the flying fish getting up everywhere but we only were able to get one small yellowfin to end the day. Solid day on the Over Under.


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