Afternoon on Rebaits

I slipped out this afternoon on the Rebaits, a 54′ Ocean Yacht, to do some Marlin fishing. Early on we got a bite on the left short rigger MoldCraft Wide Range from a blue. I popped out the flat line and we switched the blue off to the bait. I actually got to fight this one and the fish stayed on top showing us an awesome aerial display for the release. Shortly after we got another blue marlin hooked up on the flat line ballyhoo and this one went ballistic on the surface before getting down and dirty for an hour before we ot the release. Fun afternoon fishing for sure!

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One response to “Afternoon on Rebaits

  1. Best 2 days of fishing for us in the last 5 years in Cat Island!
    The Over/under crew Joe and Rickie were great and got us on the fish!
    Nick, Chris and I all caught bill fish and had a great time!

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