Pending 2# test record

Today we set out to chase a Womens IGFA Line Class Record on 2# test for blue Sharks. Maureen has been chasing this one for awhile. We had calm seas and started out on the 20 fathom line. False albacore were popping up everywhere on the surface but after two drifts we had no shark encounters. The calm weather was making our drifts short to almost nonexistent which wasn’t helping matters. 

We pushed out further to the 750 square and had 65 degree water that was a clean green. We had one small shark swim through the slick then a small blue that we played with for awhile before catching it on a spinning rod to get him to leave our chin back alone. Then the right one swam up the slick. Mo got the shark to eat her Boston mackerel and game on. The blue was cooperative and Cullen grabbed the wire and held on tight until I could sink the gaff into it. Success!!

We got the fish in the boat and ran for the scales. The blue shark weighed in at 148.6 pounds which shatters the existing record that is holding up at 108.   

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