Inshore Lumps BFT (6/30)

Given the blow out the past few days and lack of reports, we decided to stay fairly close today and try some of the inshore lumps that I thought would be holding some bluefin tuna.  As luck would have it, I was right today (nice when that happens). We ran out on the Trade In and got started on the troll at 6am in blue/green 73 degree water.  Right away we had a tuna bite on the Tsunami Green Squid Bar I made but eh fish missed even after the second attempt.  We worked the edge of the lump where we had solid bait marks and BAM, the planer rod goes off then both of the long riggers go screaming.  We ended up catching 2/3 bluefins releasing one since the both were under 47″ and we already stuck the first one with the gaff.

We got back on the troll and again, in the same order, we get three bites on the planer and two long riggers and get one to the boat.  We kept pounding the area and managed to get another bite on the spreader bar which pulled the hook and caught a small gaffer mahi for the meat box!  We continues to work the lump and moved to the SE side and found some more bait.  After a few mystery bites we finally came tight on a tuna and again, pulled the hook.  Tough day on our ratio, but it didn’t seem there was an “over fish” there and the wind came on strong so we headed back for the down in GE Inlet around 11 am.  Fun morning with plenty of action!


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