Bigeyes and Whites (7/2)

I ran a charter on the 55′ Gwaltney “Low Profile” and headed out for the Wilmington hoping to find some tunas.  The charter was able to get to the boat by 1 am so we could get there and have lines in at grey light.  This made all the difference on this trip.  We got to the canyon and within 2 minutes of trolling it was game on.  I saw two explosions right behind the boat and one came tight.  We were on for our first bigeye.  The boys took turns fighting this fish for a little over two hours before Spencer was able to stick a gaff in it.  The fish came in the boat and everyone screamed like little girls, including myself!  These fish are always fun to catch.  It taped out to 63 inches.

After that we got back on the troll and had about half the spread out and WHAM.  Number two bigeye was on!  we actually picked up a nice mahi while fishing this bigeye too.  The guys had a lot of practice perfecting their angling techniques on the first bigeye so they put it to em on this one and we got the fish in the boat after an hour.  Everyone was just as stoked to see this one hit the deck as the first bigeye.  With the bigeye on deck we got back on the troll.  It didn’t take long before we had a double header of white marlin pop up in the spread and luckily we got both on!  The guys had to dance around the bigeye to get the release on these two feisty white marlin, but they did well.

The remaining 2.5 hours we had left to troll after this was very slow with no bites in the 73 degree blue/green water, but we were stoked on the day regardless.  Very fun trip!


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