Not bad but not good (7/3)

After an EPIC trip yesterday we wanted to try and repeat the bigeye madness again but on the 52′ Ocean “Saltitude”.  The sea conditions were unexpectedly lumpy, but no biggie.  We got the the Wilmington at grey light again, but not much action aside from 2 white marlin bites that didn’t come tight.  We pounded it out in the 74 degree blue/green water until about 8:30 then picked up and ran about 6 miles offshore until we found the break where the water jumped up to 78 degrees and had some scattered weed and plenty of flying fish.

We got into some dolphin but could not seem to keep many of them hooked today. It didn’t help that they weren’t very big, but still it was odd to jump so many off.  We kept trolling through looking for some white marlin and we had one crash the MoldCraft Super Chugger but is never switched off to our baits.  Not long after in 500 fathoms we got a white marlin bite on the left long and Jody got a clean release on this white marlin.  The fishing was fairly slow offshore so i pushed back in  and worked the whole canyon.  Finally around 1:30pm the whales all popped up and I started marking bigeyes.  At 2:05 we got our bite and unfortunately broke it off.  Major bummer!  It seemed like the fish inhaled the bait (as bigeyes do often) and was screaming off line, but the fish’s teeth rubbed on the line and broke off the lead just above the hook.  Guess we gotta get em next time.


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