More Bluefin Tunas on “Trade In” (7/5)

We decided to try and repeat last week’s success on the Trade In down at the 19 Lump.  The South swell kept us at 22 knots all the way there out of GE Inlet, but we were on the troll by 5:25am and the ride there was well let thanks to the leftover Full Moon from Friday.  We got lines in and it didn’t take long before we got into some action with a double header bluefins.  Mike and Joe put in work and we put these bluefins in the boat, both being “under fish” at 42″.  We kept at it trying to get an “over fish” since we were allowed one of those, but just a bunch of fun fighting 40″ class bluefins.  We marked a lot of bait (predominantly sand eels) today in the blue-green 74 degree water.  We did manage to go on to release another 7 bluefins and put one gaffer dolphin into the boat.  We were headed home by 10:30am.  Another fun trip to the inshore tuna lumps!


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