Even Tougher (7/12)

We had a flat calm weather window for Sunday so we took it on the Trade In.  We ran straight up to the Carteret Canyon where there was a hard 4 degree break from 75-79 degrees.  There were some nice yellowfins caught there Saturday and with the lack of good reports elsewhere, this was the best option.  We got there at 5:15am and got on the troll.  We found the break right away and worked it hard for a few hours with no bites.  We watched boats troll all around as it was crowded everywhere, and nobody was hooking up.  We slid down the edge to the Lindy and it was all the same.  SLOWW.  We ran in and found some mahi on the way back and put enough in the box to be happy, and continued on to the Bluefin grounds around the Lobster Claw.  It was lifeless here yet again. Not much to it, and it seemed pretty slow for just about everyone else too.  Hopefully things shape up a bit.


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2 responses to “Even Tougher (7/12)

  1. cpocherwoody

    Hey Ricky: Love your blog. Fished on the Reel Chaos last Monday out of OC. Reeeel slow. I boated a 44″ 50lb bluefin, one of 2 taken that day. Also 3 Mahi. Water 4-6 ft seas. What do you think is making the bite so slow?

    • Thanks for keeping up with my blog, makes it all worthwhile. Given the way the fishing has been, those boys on Reel Choas made a catch happen for you, it’s been tough. This is kind of typical for July, water warms up and the yellowfin thin out unless they find their way into the inshore lumps (which they really haven’t much at all so far) and the bluefin tuna fishing gets less and less consistent for us the past few year. Bluefin tuna fishing in July used to be our most consistent fishery, and it seems they move through quicker every year. On a high note this is the best white Marlin fishing this early in the season I have seen. I will mostly be targeting whites for the remainder of the season given the upcoming billfish tournament schedule, but I hope the tuna bite picks up a bit.

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