Stone Harbor Marlin Tournament

We fished in the Stone Harbor Yacht Club Invitational Marlin Tournament this past weekend on the 52′ Ocean, Saltitude.  The weather was absolutely perfect but unfortunately for us the fishing was slow.

Day 1 found us fishing in the Baltimore Canyon.  We started in the eastern flats and marked plenty of bait.  Everything looked good, but no bites.  We worked all around the canyon in the blue 82 degree water without any action.  We had one white come up in the spread and look around but he never ate anything.  At the end of the day we got on a sulfur line and managed to pick up some mahi, but that was it for us.

Day 2 we made the run to the deep of the Poormans.  The water was beautiful blue and 83 degrees, plenty of life and bait.  There were whales and dolphins all around.  We got a few mahi bites early on and had a sailfish come up on our teaser in the turn, but the fish never showed much interest.  The boys in at 500 fathoms seemed to be getting a little more marlin action so we picked up and ran into there from the 1000 fathom line.  We got not he troll and looked around a bit.  Plenty of bait marks but still no action for us until finally we had a blue marlin pop up behind the right long rigger and eat the naked ballyhoo.  GAME ON!  Justin Brown was into his first blue marlin and this one put up a solid fight.  We got within feet of the release twice but the fish had other plans.  Finally after about 30 minutes we got the knot to the tip for the release on the 300# Blue Marlin, then it got down and dirty.  After another 45 minutes we finally got the fish up to the boat for a clean release and away it swam.  We had a few hours left but unfortunately could not buy a bite.  Congratulations Justin on your first Blue Marlin.

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