8/5 More Bigeye Action

The Bigeye fishing in the evening has been hot, so we planned our trip to start late.  We started our day pot hopping and pitching spinning tackle to dolphin to get some meat int eh box right away.  It was a slow pick from pot to pot but we managed to catch a dozen and lose quite a few more.  It gets chaotic with 5 dolphin on and jumping everywhere you are bound to lose a few fish, haha.  After that we got right into the whale action in the canyon and got on the troll.  It didn’t take too long before we got a double header at 4:15pm.  Once we got settled in we had one that was still on.  This bigeye gave the 6 man crew a serious battle.  After an hour and a half team effort they managed to get the estimated 130# bigeye within reach of the gaff.  I ran down the ladder to stick the second gaff in the fish and over the rail the bigeye went.  The bigeye hit the deck, we all yelled out loud because we were all stoked, and the boys were done.  We cleaned up and headed for home.  Left em bitin’!  Fun trip!


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