8/15 report

I ran the Saltitude on this trip and we headed to the SW corner of the Wilmington on the edge of the break where there was a great bite the day before on white marlin.  We saw a lot of bait on the colder side of the break on the ride out so we gave it a shot.  We only got two mystery bites out of that.  We wondered offshore into 200-300 fathoms around the North Heyes and saw two white marlin here, but neither gave us a bite.  There was a lot of bait here and we kept working at it but only managed to get on white marlin bite out of it which we missed.  A friend of mine slipped back into the 1 degree break in 80 fathoms and was picking at the whites pretty good so we slipped in there.  It was one of those days where we watched everyone get hooked up around us and we could not buy a bite.  I certainly had a sour face with this tough morning, haha.

It was getting extremely frustrating until finally, a white came up on the left teaser and we got a clean bait and switch.  We went into the turn and after the second time around the second white I marked popped up on the right dredge.  We got a clean bait and switch on this fish and game on with a double.  We released those two and the bite slowed down so we pushed back out to 100-200 fathoms where we got our third white on the right long.  3 whites is how we ended our day.

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