White Marlin Weekend

This past weekend weekend I ran the 27′ Contender Trade In down to Ocean City, MD where there has been a fairly hot white marlin bite.  It was a fun weekend with beautiful weather and plenty of action!

FRIDAY – I ran the boat down in the morning to OCMD and met up with Maureen at Sunset Marina around 9am.  We got settled in and then ran out to the fishing grounds.  We had line sin around 12:45 and fished between the South Poormans and the Washington Canyon in about 200-300 fathoms.  We couldn’t seem to get a bite but were marking plenty of bait.  We crept in to the 100 fathom line and raised a white on the teaser.  We switched it off to the flat line and Maureen was on for the first white marlin of the trip.  Unfortunately the hook pulled about 40 feet from the release.  We got lines back on right away and as we were getting reset a white marlin piled on the right flat line ballyhoo/crystal party hat combo behind the dredge.  We got a clean release on this one and got back to it, then had another white lazily follow the teaser but he wasn’t interested enough to take a bait.  Not bad for 4 hours of fishing.  We sprinted back home to make sure we were able to fuel up for an early am departure Saturday.

SATURDAY – Saturday my friend Randy came along with us and we headed to the blue water in the South Poormans on the Triple 0’s.  We found the edge in at 60 fathoms with scattered grass and a weedline that had plenty of mahi on it.  We picked at some mahi, but they were absolutely destroying our baits.  We went through 3 dozen baits in about an hour, but put quite a few fish in the box.  We also managed to pick at a white marlin here and there from 65-90 fathoms and went 4/4 here with the crystal party hat/ballyhoo combo being the hot bait on the long rigger.  I got word of a very good marlin bite about 15 miles down the line in the green water we had fished Friday, so we sprinted down there and spent out last hour and a half trolling around and only mustered up one more white marlin bite that we missed. Fun day and plenty of action.

SUNDAY – We had pretty weather again on Sunday and Randy was along with us again. We ran straight back where we ended our day Saturday since the bite was so good there throughout the day and we had missed it on Saturday.  Action seemed slower for most, but a few boats still got on the fish really good.  We unfortunately were not that boat.  We started the day with a white on the blue/white party hat ballyhoo combo but unfortunately pulled the hook in the turn.  After that we had a white pile on the right long black/red party skirt ballyhoo combo and it was game on.  This white was all over the place and almost ended up in the boat.  We got a solid release and got back to it.  The next white release came on the blue/white party skirt ballyhoo combo on the right long and we got the release very quickly since the fish stayed on top well. The next white we missed came in on the left long naked ballyhoo.  That was pretty much all there was to it other then the super small mahi that would maul our baits from time to time.

Overall, we had a blast and caught plenty of fish.  Beautiful weather, lots of fun with friends, and good fishing!

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