9/9 Saltitude Report

We ran out on the Saltitude to the Baltimore Canyon.  I cam across the middle of the canyon and found the 1 degree break where the water went from Blue Green to Blue so we got started there.  From the reports I had it sounded like the weed was going to be an issue, but fortunately for us the scattered weed had mostly lined up and what was left was a fishable scattered weed.  We started off the day right going 3/3 on white marlin in the first 2 hours.  Then we came across a small log that was loaded with gaffer mahi.  We played with that for a little over an hour and put 19 nice mahi in the boat before we decided that was plenty.  We got back on the marlin hunt around 11 am or so and it seemed the white marlin bite had slowed down.  After that we didn’t see another marlin for the remainder of the day.  Very disappointing for September.  I sure hope the fish didn’t blow by us and hopefully they come in a little late.  The water temps are still fairly high as we were fishing 82 degree water yesterday, so hopefully when the water starts to cool it will trigger the all out white marlin bite that September in the Middle Atlantic States is known for.  Regardless, very fun day of fishing!


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