9/12 Report from Saltitude

We ran out to the Poormans Canyon on the Saltitude.  It was fairly calm in the morning and weather was nice.  Once we got to 100 fathoms there were a ton of chick birds picking so I pulled the throttles back and we got on the troll.  We made a few passes by the lobster pots to break the ice with a few mahi then started pushing offshore and up.  The water was a blended blue and 80.5 degrees.  It wasn’t long before we hit a scattered weedline which turned out to be the edge I was looking for where the water turned to blue and 81.5 degrees.  Once I got to 300 fathoms it was game on.  I was marking bait balls at 180′ on the sounder and we started to get our marlin bites.  We went 4/5 on whites in about an hour and a half, then it shut down…  I found myself getting sucked into the fleet that developed about 4 miles to the South and there wasn’t a whole lot going on.  The wind came on strong out to the SSE as did the rain and seas.  We pushed back into where we had the bites and managed to scratch out one more white marlin to end our day 5/6 on whites along with some mahi in the box.  Another fun day of fishing!


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