10/8-9 Overnighter

We finally, after a 17 day blowout, got a chance to get a fishing trip in. The NE wind has been out of control, but with this weather window we packed up the 48′ Ocean Justified and headed out for the Wilmington Canyon at 6 am. The seas were calm and the sun was shining. We got on the troll around 9:30am in the clean green 71.3 degree water and ended up getting a mako hooked up but after an awesome jump he bit through the leader. The pilot whales were in the canyon, but they were scattered and more towards the west wall. We did have a few mystery bites that’s didn’t stay tight, but we decided around 2pm to pack it up and take of for the Lindenkohl Canyon. 

We didn’t see much on the long run north but did find acres or porpoise and a few finbacks working the Lindenkohl. The water was blue green and 73 degrees here. It looked promising but no luck. We saw a tailing sword right at dark and we tied to entice it with our sword bait but no luck there either. We got on the drift and started chunking for the night. Overall we had scattered action on blue sharks catching and releasing about a dozen in the 150-300 pound range and ended up having a mako get wrapped up and break off along with releasing a small mako. We did manage to catch a small sword as well. 

In the morning the wind came up. We pot hopped and out about two dozen mahi in the box and also did a little bit of deep dropping for grey tiles catching about 10 or so before we headed for home. The West winds came on strong and we got our butts kicked in the 5-6′ at 5 second chop for awhile but made it home safe. 

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