10/11-12 Overnighter

With calm seas and beautiful sunny skies we took off for the Lindenkohl Canyon on the 55′ Gwaltney Low Profile. We got on the troll just after 5pm and trolled until dark. We managed to get a double header of 30-40 pound yellowfin tuna. We got setup just at dark and started chunking for tuna. We hooked into 3 tunas 80′ down on a squid earlier in the night and boated 2 of the same class yellowfins that we caught on the troll. We also managed to hook into 3/4 of our swordfish bites but unfortunately had bad luck pulling hooks on two and only released a pup. 

The early morning dark hours only amounted to numerous tiger sharks and a blue shark release. They were wreaking havoc on our surface shark bait and even our sword baits. We probably went on to release at least 8 sharks and of course had a few finally chew through the mono leader on the sword rods. Plenty of action. We also caught a couple Mahi in the dark chunking and spent a little time catching some grey tilefish before we headed for home. All in all, fun trip with plenty of action and perfect weather!


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