October 19-20 Overnighter

We made out way back out to the Lindenkohl Canyon on the 55′ Gwaltney Low Profile on another overnight trip.  The ride out was beautiful and unfortunately we got a late start which only gave us an hour of trolling time in the blue green 70 canyon water.  Not much to it other then a couple of mahi.  We setup on the chunk around 6:45 and at 7pm it was game on with a nice swordfish.  We fought the sword until 11:45 when unfortunately the hook pulled.  Major bummer.  At this point it was getting pretty rough and difficult to fish.  We did manage to get into another swordfish but some more bad luck hindered us and the line parted.  Due to the sea conditions we packed it in at 7am and made our way home.  Very long ride home and a tough trip..

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