October 21-22 Overnighter on Saltitude

We packed up the 52′ Ocean Yacht Saltitude with plenty of butterfish chunks, sardines, squid, ballyhoo, and all the tackle imaginable to be ready to catch anything the ocean offered us.  We pulled out of the slip at the Canyon Club and started running for the Lindenkohl Canyon.  We arrived around 11 and started off pot hopping for mahi with very little success since it looked like the lobster boat had just come through and cleaned up his gear.  We deep dropped for about an hour and caught some nice bullion tilefish before getting up on the troll.  We trolled around the Lindy for a bit but the water was very green and showed no signs of life.  We trolled downs to the Carteret Canyon hoping to stumble upon something better along the way.

Once we got into the Carteret we still had the same 70 degree green water, but there was a lot more bait.  We picked at a few mahi trolling around the lobster pots and were bit off by a double header of wahoo.  Bummer.  We setup in the NE corner of the canyon for the night and started chunking at 7pm.  We managed to catch 2/4 40# yellowfin tuna in the first two hours.  We had a little lull and then around midnight we picked up another 25 pound yellowfin on a chunk bait and caught a swordfish and released a tiger shark.  We had squid in and out of our lights all night along with the occasional shark and even an ocean sunfish.  We also had 2 more legitimate shots at swordfish that didn’t pan out and another 2 mystery bites on the sword rod.

Around first light at 6am, we picked up a nice longfin tuna that was easily 50 plus.  Not too long after we got an awesome swordfish bite that pulled off on the run.  bad luck on the swordfish, but at least we had one in the box.  At 7am we got hooked into a nicer tuna that went running all around the boat.  We decided to go cause after this one and we got a great look at the fish for the final 10 minutes of the fight and saw it was a nice Alison tuna pushing 100 lbs.  It stayed just outside of gaff range and then the 40# fluorocarbon leader finally parted.  What a heartbreaker and rough way to end the trip.  Good timed regardless with plenty of action.


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