NYE Day Blues – the good Blues…

We were able to get at it right away here today in St Lucia. It didn’t take long to get our first bite on the right long on the black/purple Fish DownSea Party Skirt/ballyhoo combo. Paul hooked into the fish and we lucked out boating a 25# wahoo on a circle hook. Good eats!!!!

We got back to it an a blue marlin crashed the left teaser. I got to switch it off to my blue/white Party Skirt and game on. The 100# blue put on a great show and we got a clean release boat side in about 15 minutes! It was fun to get to finish it off. Shortly after we got another marlin bite on the right long but missed. We kept pounding it out and WHAM! Blue marlin on the left teaser again! I got to switch this one off too on the black/red party skirt and GAME ON!!!

This second blue was a better one pushing 200-225 pounds! It went down and fought hard. After about 30-40 minutes the blue gave us a shot at the leader and Paul hung on tight and got a nice jump out of him before popping the fish off for the release. Unfortunately we had low voltage issues and had to call it a day early, but what a great way to end the 2015 year! Hopefully they bite for us here the next two days! Happy New Year Everyone!!! Be sure to make every day better then the last..!


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