Grenada Report

Internet has been tough to come by, and time to post even tougher. Only have a few minutes so here is a quick update:

1/20 today was Day 1 of the Spice Islands Billfiah Tournament in Grenada. We ended up having amazing fishing but a hard time making the connections today. 1/2 on whites and 2/10 on sails and saw 1 more sail.

1/19 we fished south of Reindeer Shoal for half a day. Overall is was slow and the barracuda were relentless. We managed to go 1/1 on sails off of a weed line.

1/18 We ran north and started in 500 fathoms off of Guoyave and went 0/2 on sails and had another on the teaser that never committed to a hook bait. After a long lull mid day we ran south to reindeer shoal in 500 fathoms and game on. Lots of bites but bad luck jumping off a few fish. We ended the day 2/10 on sails and saw 3 others.

1/17 We had beautiful weather for the crossing from Trinidad to Grenada. We made it so Grenada smooth so we decided to try trolling the edge for wahoo for a few hours. We ended up getting 2 decent wahoos and had a sailfish bite. Not bad, and a nice welcome to Grenada. 


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