Amazing Fishing Continued in Grenada 

We kept fishing every day here in Grenada on the Exile after the Spice Islands Billfsih Tournament and the fishing continued to be stellar! The sailfish were thick most days as we found them balling bait from small squid to red sardines. The 100+# class yellowfins were thick at times as well chasing flying fish up to shower the surface with hundreds of birds above waiting to pick off a free meal. Our final numbers in 10.5 days of fishing were:

42/93 sailfish and raised at least a dozen more and saw plenty on the surface at times as well as free jumpers, 2/3 white marlin, 2/4 blue marlin and raised 2 more, 6 100+ pound class yellowfins and 4 small ones, and a few mahi and wahoo. Awesome trip!  

 Here is the report:

Sunday 1/24 – We had the Full Moon and we had a late start after our tournament win celebration as well as moving the boat from Grenada Yacht Club and setting up in Port Louis Marina. We still managed to go 2/3 on sails, lost a blue, and raised a blue on the teaser that never ate. A different piece of water moved in with scattered weed today, but not bad for a 5 hour day fishing. 

Monday 1/25 – We had beautiful blue 81 degree water and started in the deep gully and got on the sailfish quick. They were chewing heavy on the Fish DownSea Party Hat/ballyhoo combo like they were all throughout the tournament. We ended up 4/7 on sails then found the tunas and got into a triple header. We got two in the boat and pulled the hook on one after a long fight. We also managed to snag a wahoo in the bird play.   

Tuesday 1/26 – Today the sailfish were there again and we went 6/13 on sails and also caught two 12# mahi for the dinner table. We tried chasing the birds for a bit today for tunas but were unsuccessful. The purple Party Hat/ballyhoo combo and naked ballyhoo seemed to be the ticket on the sailfish today.  

Wednesday 1/27 – we put in a solid day and fished in some of the prettiest blue water I have ever seen here. Water temp has remained at 81 degrees and we had strong NE winds today and stacked seas. The fish bit well. Sailfish were balling bait and the white birds were showing us where! We ended the day 7/13 on sailfish and at the end of the day found some bird play with nice tunas. We got hooked into one right away and pulled the hook. Got back on the birds and WHAM! Major explosion and fish on, but pulled the hook again. Then we gave it another go and at 530pm we got one to stick good. This one fought down and dirty on the Tiagra 50W but we managed to get the 120# yellowfin in the boat with the Spreader Lights on. Fun Day!

Thursday 1/28 – Our last day. We got on the troll and fairly early there was a huge flock of birds in the thousands with flying fish showering everywhere, porpoise and yellowfin tunas sky ing out after them and Game On! We ended up 3/5 on nice yellowfin tuna!!!! Awesome fishing and called it a day at lunch time to go on and get cleaned up. The wind was blowing hard out of the NE again with stacked seas and the water was blue green and 80.8 degrees.   


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