Back to Trinidad and the States

Saturday we ran Exile back to the slip in Trinidad to get a few things tweaked to have her ready for Grenada again the end of February. What a great two weeks of fishing! Back to the states for me and hopefully a little family/friend/snowboard time as well as plenty of video editing! Tons of video footage to come so stay tuned… Great times with good friends, can’t wait to do it again… Big shout out to Tackle Direct for making sure we had what we needed the past two weeks as far as tackle, Rich Hedeberg for putting together some amazing custom rods for us, Chad Chu Cheong of Trinidad for servicing a bunch of our rods and reels so everything was working well, the boys of Calypso Marine for getting the Exile up and running smoothly for the tournament, and of course the crew we had on Exile the past two weeks making fishing fun (Frank Pettisani, Sandy DaBreo, Chris Van Grieken, Nick Bovell, Matthew Milne, Steven Oshatz, Sean Mendonca)!  


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