Triple to end it

Today we had the wind blowing 15-25 all day out of the SE and a beautiful sunny day!  Water temps seem to be holding at 78 degrees and pretty Bahamas Blue all along the edge today.  The action started off fast and furious off of devils point shorty after lines in at 750am.  The mahi were everywhere.  We got into some 15-20 pound mahi on light tackle spinning gear and managed to put 6 in the box in no time.  We made out way along the edge dealign with barracudas now and then and a stray mahi, but otherwise action was slow.

We made out way out past Columbus Point and got a white marlin up n the spread.  The white piled on the left flat line with a ballyhoo and DownSea Blue Party Hat, but somehow the leader parted effortlessly – very odd – but the fish didn’t feel anything so we made another pass and we replaced the bait with a blue and white Fish DownSea partySkirt rigged on a ballyhoo and up came the white again.  It piled on and game on.  Bob got a clean release on the white.

We worked our way back plucking at a mahi hear and there until all of the sudden the sails came in thick.  We hooked one up on the right flat naked ballyhoo, then immediately after we got one on the left long ballyhoo rigged with the DownSea Blue Party Hat.  Not too long after the right long went off and there was our third for the triple header sails.  We got a clean release on all 3 and that was the end of the day!  1 white marlin, 3 sailfish, and 10 dolphin.

We have a lay day tomorrow.   I hope everyone enjoys their Easter Holiday…

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