Trade In Shakedown 5/25

Yesterday (Wednesday 5/25) we slipped out on the 27′ Contender Trade In to go look around for some sharks and more so get a solid day in running the boat to make sure everything was up to par for the upcoming season.  We ran out to the Lobster Claw along the 30 fathom line and put in a solid drift there.  Overall it seemed lifeless there and the water was cold and green at about 54.5 degrees.

We picked up from here and made a run down towards the Holly and Murphy wreck area and found a 1 degree temperature break, but no color change.  We setup on a drift here and about an hour and 10 minutes in we finally got a small blue shark around 110 lbs to give us a look.  Shortly after we released that one another blue shark came in the slick and we got a clean release on it as well.  We were hoping this was going to be the beginning of a good flurry but after another half an hour without a bite we reset our drift, but had no success.  Not terrible. and the boat ran well, so we are ready to go for the season now…

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