Wounded Warrior Saturday Sharking

Today we fished in the Wounded Warrior shark tournament and headed out searching for some action with sharks. We started our day fishing in Masseys Canyon with a SE drift at 1 knot. Weather was overcast but very calm with a bit of a swell out of the East. Water was green and 65 degrees. We had a lot of bait marks that were sand eels on the bottom, but no bites here. We made a move out to the Hot Dog Notch with sinilar conditions and similar poor results. Then we made the move off more to the Hot Dog Bun and had much cleaner green water at 64 degrees. After about an hour into the drift we had a blue shark in the slick that never took a bait which was really odd. With time just about Out we got lucky and  got a mako on. After a short fight we saw it was a legal fish and stuck the gaff in the fish. Mako for dinner tonight. Overall slow fishing but great day on the water seeing plenty of sea life and getting the bite we needed.

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