6/14 4# test Sharkin 

Today we ran out on the 27′ Contender “Trade In” searching for some sharks for a line class record. We decided to give it a shot fishing the 20 fathom line. We had a Northerly wind at 12-18 knots and seas at 3-4 feet for the ride out and when we setup. Water was 64 degrees and a very clean green – the best water I have fished in yet this season. We setup on our first drift and a little over an hour in we got into a blue shark that definitely seemed to be big enough to break the women’s 4# test IGFA Record. Maureen Klause got hooked up and the fight was on. We chased the fish around a bit and had a few times where the swivel was within 8-10 feet away from Cullen’s reach, but that’s as close as the fish would give us. After an hour and 9 minutes the line parted and game over. Bummer, but I guess it wasn’t meant to be and is certainly all a part of the line class record fishing game.
We reset on our drift with no success so we just made about a two mile move to another drop off and reset our drift. The wind spun around 180 degrees to start blowing out of the SW. A little over an hour into our drift we had a 6.5 foot blue shark sneak into our pitch bait. Cullen snatched it out of the way hickory since the fish wasn’t big enough for a record and we pitched it the spinning rod with a circle hook and a mackerel fillet to have a little fun before releasing the shark.

We managed to do the same with two more blue sharks of similar size shortly after that one as well. We ended up having two more in the slick that were small in the 100-125 pound range. With the wind picking up we called it a day and headed in.

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