6/16 Bad Luck

We were able to slip out on the Trade In searching for a women’s IGFA line class shark record.  We had a solid 15 knot breeze out of the East right in our face for the ride out but luckily we only had to go about 35 miles.  We setup in clean green 64.5 degree water and got on our drift around the Cayru Wreck.  We put some time in on this drift, about 3 hours, covering good bottom structure but no bites.

We reset and moved about 4 miles South to cover some good bottom structure there.  At this point it was raining and blowing 20 knots out to theEast with made for very choppy seas but a perfect drift for shark fishing.  About 45 minutes into the drift we had a good size blue shark come into the slick but never completed showed itself.  Immediately after a small blue shark arrived and he had a long leader hanging out of his mouth, so we got ahold of the leader and cut it close to the hook.  Immediately after this another small blue shark comes into the slick and as we were messing with this little guy the big Blue showed up again.

This blue shark was the right size for Maureen to get the record on 4# test so we pitched the 4# rod to the shark.  It tool about 10 minutes for this shark to get interested in our baits and finally ate.  After a very short fight Cullen was able to grab the leader and I got the flying gaff into the shark.  As blue sharks always do, this fish rolled and spun hard right up the wire leader and the rope on the flying gaff.  He managed to pop the wire and rip the gaff out and took off.  It all happened to fast and was a major bummer.  Haven’t had that happen in quite some time and we have been working hard to get that fish.  I guess we just have to stay on it.  We went on to release a few more small blue sharks before we called it a day.

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