Avalon Meat Tournament 6/20

We decided to fish in the Avalon Meat Tournament this year aboard the 27′ Contender ‘Trade In’.  Weather windows for center consoled have been tough to come by this June, but we got one and went for it.  The ride out was way choppier then expected so we had to go slow which got us to the Canyon later then we would have liked.  We got to the edge of the break in 66 degree water and climbing.  I fired out a rod real quick and started moving the beanbags forward so we could get the spread out and WHAM! Fish On.  Cullen put the bigeye boat side in less then 10 minutes and we started off the day right.

We worked the break some more and it went up to 73 degrees on the warm side.  Some guys were whacking yellowfins in the 30-40 pound range but we couldn’t get a bite from anything other then throwbacks and we didn’t even get many of them.  The bite slowed up a lot by 7am and we got ourselves on the drift for a Mako Shark on the bottom of the West Wall of the Wilmington in the temperature break.  We needed a three fish stringer so we decided to first legal mako we caught we would take to go try and get another crack at the tunas.

Around 10:30 we had a Mako sky out in the back of the slick and a few minutes later he piled on the long bait (a whole mackerel with a rattle and an orange skirt).  This little mako fought hard and peeled some drag, and after about 10 minutes we got the fish boatside and landed it.  We got back on the troll but could not buy a bite. Some boats were picking at yellowfins and an occasional bigeye but overall fishing was slower.  Still a great day on the water, and flat calm seas for most of our day.

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