7/1 Report

Today we got to the boat at 130 am so we could make it to the Southern Lumps off of OCMD at grey light in search of bluefin tuna. Unfortunately the only storm cell on the entire east coast was right on top of us so it delayed our departure, but we still managed to break the inlet by 245 am and were on our way to fish at Massey’s. After going through some rain and a choppy head sea, we made it at 5 am and were on the troll.
Already the fleet was growing by the minute to fish the green 73.5 degree water at Massey’s and the crowd made fishing difficult. There was tons of bait on and around the hill but we weren’t marking many fish. At 615 am we lucked out and had three tuna swing and miss the green machine spreader bar on the left short rigger before the fourth bite finally came tight. Awesome bite! Cullen got the 30 pound bluefin to the boat and we continued on the troll until 9am without anymore success. The bite was tough and the fleet was large so we got setup to drift for mako sharks to try and get a line class record for Mo.
A little more then two hours into our drift we had two makos in the slick, one barely legal and one around the 150# mark, the one we needed. The smaller mako snuck by and grabbed the 2# test rod with a whole mackerel and game on. The mako took off. Knowing this fish wouldn’t make weight we got rid of it quick in hopes the bigger one would decide to eat. We gave it another hour but no luck. We had to pack it in and head in. Not a terrible day compared to what we were hearing from others lack of success, so I guess we will take it. Not sure what I’m going to get into tomorrow but I’ll be headed offshore somewhere on the 52′ Ocean Yacht “Saltitude”. Hopefully we can find something a little better. 

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