7/7-8 Overnighter quick report

I have been running around like crazy after the overnighter and about to go for a solid day tomorrow, but we just got off a great trip aboard Justified.  I mated for Captain Joe Trainor and we started our day in the Wilmington dropping for tilefish as we heard the bite was slow on the troll.  We caught 14 tilefish then got on the troll around 4.  At 5:50 pm with the pilot whales working hard in the East Notch, BAM, game on.  5 bites from bigeyes and 4 came tight.  One was gut hooked so his teeth sawed through the leader and we still had 3.  We got 2 out of three bigeyes in the boat and got back on the troll. Shortly after, WHAM, on another bigeye.  The way this fish was fighting you could tell he was gut hooked, but the leader was holding up.  After an hour and a half we ended up losing this one too from a chafed off leader.  Bummer.

The night was slow and we released two very small makos then ran inshore to Massey’s for first light troll and right away we had a double of bluefins.  We got 1/2 into the boat which was a 43 inches and called it a trip. Fun trip with a great group of guys!!!

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