7/20 Whackin’ Tuna

I fished today on the What’s Next, a 35′ Glacier Bay with Bruce Griffin.  We slipped out the Cape May Inlet and took our time trying to let the storm cell stay well ahead of us.  It certainly put on an awesome light show!  We made our way to Massey’s and anchored up by 5:45am.  We started tossing chunks and it didn’t take long before the free floating butterfish got picked up by a nice 50# bluefin tuna.  Bruce put in a solid fight and brought the fish to the gaff.  Great start.

The morning was slow and we didn’t really see many hookups.  About 2 hours after our first fish the half a butterfish half way down the water column out on the balloon goes off. this one was a nice sized 40# yellowfin.  About an hour later the same bait and rod goes off, and unfortunately we broke this one off.  Around 10:00am it was game on with yellowfins right behind the boat in our chunks.  What an awesome site to see.  We were getting double header no problem on the spinning rods with 30# fluorocarbon leader.  We popped a few off, but there were only two of us so keeping the bite going was chaos, and so fun.  We put 4 yellowfins in the boat and called it a day leaving them biting.  Very fun morning and great times!

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