7/21-22 Overnighter

I had an overnight trip with an awesome crew from last year aboard the 48′ Ocean Yacht ‘Justified’.  Expectations were high since these guys have whacked some bigeyes with us the past two years.  With the bite being relatively slow, we gave it a shot in the deep of the Baltimore to see if the white marlin were still being there from eh epic bite boats had earlier in the week, but unfortunately that was pretty much over and nobody had done well there Thursday.  We picked up and ran into the Baltimore and switched over to bigeye fishing and as luck would have it a white marlin piled on the right short rigger.  After an awesome aerial show we pulled the white over the rail for a very quick photo and released the white swimming strong.  The bigeye bite never materialized for anyone and we gave it until about 11pm.

With the wind picking up a little early we ran inside to Massey’s (might as well be my second home this month) since this was our best shot at getting some tuna.  Not much happening at night except a few squid in the lights.  As we started to get light we got our first bite on a free floating butterfish and game on.  We played the under and over the anchor game and then the kite bait came tight on a small throwback yellowfin.  Fighting these tunas on light 30# flouro leader is tough, but the boys did well, were patient, and finessed the fish to the boat for the gaff shot.  It was slow for another hour or two before we came tight on the same bait and again, were on the bow for the majority of the fight.  As we were fishing this one we hooked into another that broke off right away unfortunately.  We stuck the gaff in the second keeper yellowfin after an hour fight and that was all she wrote.  Although the fishing was slow, overall we still had a fun trip.  Positive vibes among everyone goes a long way on fishing trips!

white one

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